Thursday, October 22, 2009

Open Basement

16416 Chancellors Ridge Way
Westfield, IN 46074
October 24th & 25th
Saturday and Sunday
2:00-5:00 PM

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome to the Walk to Cure Diabetes!

Saturday was a fabulous day with great weather, support from friends and some good exercise. Our team joined up together and drove down to Military Park in Indianapolis. After registering and looking around a bit we gathered at the stage for some warm-up exercises, t-shirt competition and the national anthem. Then we were off for our 2 mile walk. Teams of many different colored shirts joined together to leave the starting balloon line...all with the same purpose of seeing a beloved friend or family member have a cure. The kids were excited...some raced ahead, others walked quietly looking around with great interest. Lynnea walked in the middle of several girls chatting about whatever little girls chat about. Her face was at peace enjoying the day. The two miles passed quickly as I talked with friends and counted and recounted children. We made our circle hike back to the park. Some of our team left as others enjoyed the face painting, food and jumpy house. It was so much fun to see this activity come together. As we talked about our weekend Sunday night, Jason asked the kids what some of their favorite things were. Lynnea quickly blurted out, "The Walk!!!" That's all we needed.

Heavenly Father, How I praise you for moments like these when our children can witness what it means to join together as the Body of Christ and love and support one another. I continue to believe that oneday you will heal Lynnea from this terrible disease. I KNOW that your plan for her life far exceeds my own desires and dreams. Give us grace in the daily challenges to have great hope and faith for the day when all of this will have clear purpose and we will see your divine leading. We will wait and trust...and above all, we live to glorify You! Amen.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Labor Day Rewind

We decided to go to Jamestown, OH for Labor Day to visit Jason's sister, Jill, and her family. Greg and Jill had remodeled a home and we had yet to see it. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of their beautiful home, but I have some highlights from our weekend. Jamestown is near Cedarville which is the "home" of Labor Day. Jason's other sister Jewel lives in Cedarville.

They have lots of great activities. Jill and I got a chance to join a 4 mile race during the weekend. The race was rather small, but made it great for us. Jill and I both are sporting our "medals for 2nd and 3rd place in our age group here...That afternoon our families visited a park. The kids enjoyed running and playing. Here is our nephew, Will, loving the swings.

Greg, Jill and Lauren

The kids loved it when Jill and Jewel got creative with Jason and created J & J's Ice Cream Parlor. Jill and Jewel served ice cream through a "go between" from the dining room to the kitchen. We still talk about visiting J & J's!.

It was such a blessing to enjoy a good time with family. We can't wait for another time together!