Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Baby

Jason and I are quickly learning why the baby of the family becomes the baby of the family. It's amazing how quickly Isaac can do things...or do we just miss it because we are busy tending to the needs of another child. I think that we do pay closer attention to the cute things Isaac does because we don't want to miss it on our very last. I am sure that he can get away with plenty when he gives that cute little melt your heart smile. So, I felt the need to post these pictures to show why I think the last child is so's the only way to get fed around here...

I must say that he did not get his way with Spaghettios today. He very much wanted to feed himself, but we have to draw the line somewhere (oh, and did I just admit to allowing my children to have Spaghettios!!!!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For my Girlfriends...

I begin this post by writing that I give 100% glory to God for what I want to share. I know that without His power, I cannot accomplish anything on my own. In 2008, I was watching "The Biggest Loser" show. I was somewhat saddened that our country would embrace obesity by creating a show about weight loss. In my own embarrassment, I realized that I had 20 lbs. that had been creeping on from having babies. I decided to figure out what I had to do to be 20 lbs. lighter. I thought that it was going to have to be this formula that only a genius could figure out with an exercise regimen that required 2 hours a day. What I found to be true was that it's very simple. I began counting calories and walking. I cut back my caloric intake by 500 calories and exercised 5 times a week for 30 minutes ( helped me figure this out). In 4 months, I have been able to lose 21 lbs. I really felt that God wanted me to share this 1)because I need somebody to celebrate with me! and 2)I know that many of us set this New Year's resolution and never follow through. We all have this crazy rationale that keeps us from being the slim woman that we want to be. Believe me, I have said them all. But, I have also conquered them too. I have 6 children, 4 preschoolers at home, serve in ministry, have been up several times during the night, love going out to eat, have sore knees, am married and have date nights, been exhausted, gone through major hard losses in life, wished that I had planned better, etc. I found that I had to have perseverance and by God's grace, I have 9 lbs. to conquer before March 1. Sometimes, I have had to work out before bed or get up at 5 AM. I survived the holidays and didn't gain a pound. So...I challenge you to really get going. Make it bigger than skipping the cookie or not choosing dessert after a meal. Counting calories might feel consuming, but it is to accomplish a greater goal. It gets easier once you get in a routine. Get good sleep at night. And, get out those old exercise tapes and get moving. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I really want to be of some encouragement to you. I know that I needed someone to give me a swift kick...too bad it was TV. Let me know if you have decided to get moving. I would love to pray for your motivation and know that I have another person working alongside me. We can do great things for God in our healthier slimmer selves!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

And a Happy New Year!

Just thought that I would post some pictures from our time with Jason's family. Of course, it's always a good time together...

Lynnea really enjoyed having Aunt Jewel do her hair and spend time listening to her.

You sunk my Battleship!!!

Papa Joe & Little Joe
"Mom, Will is my best friend"
Crazy Cousins

"Did Papa Joe and Mama Teresa get me that puppy I asked for?"

Daddy & Joseph

Lauren takes refuge with her parents away from Isaac's attack.
Posing for a cute picture