Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Baby

Jason and I are quickly learning why the baby of the family becomes the baby of the family. It's amazing how quickly Isaac can do things...or do we just miss it because we are busy tending to the needs of another child. I think that we do pay closer attention to the cute things Isaac does because we don't want to miss it on our very last. I am sure that he can get away with plenty when he gives that cute little melt your heart smile. So, I felt the need to post these pictures to show why I think the last child is so's the only way to get fed around here...

I must say that he did not get his way with Spaghettios today. He very much wanted to feed himself, but we have to draw the line somewhere (oh, and did I just admit to allowing my children to have Spaghettios!!!!)

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Detroit said...

Hey - every child should at least have the "O's" at some point...oh and mac-n-cheese! lol He is a cutie!