Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

The kids had a great night out tonight visiting our neighboring steets. Lynnea went as herself/princess/just wanted to wear her favorite dress. Benjamin/Peyton Manning told the neighbors "he would play better this weekend". Joseph is our star b-ball player. Noah and Samuel just switched the costumes they wore last year. Little Isaac is our resident zoo animal giraffe. And as we go to bed...we thank the kids for allowing us to indulge in all the candy (just don't tell them).

Thanks Grandpa & Grandma Legg for our Halloween bags...the apple entertained Isaac for at least 45 minutes!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Like Father...Like Son

When sorting out some of Grandma Charlotte's things, Jason told his dad that he wanted the family tractor willed to him. Papa Joe is still in good health. However, for Jason's birthday, he brought over the little red tractor to Tipton, Indiana. Jason took all the kids for rides. As I took pictures, I realized how things had changed. We used to take pictures of the kids with Papa Joe on the tractor. Now we take pictures of Daddy on the tractor. There is a good bit of humor having a tractor in town at 237 N Independence Street. It doesn't quite fit the "farm" look. Who knows, maybe it will fit in a parade or something!
Joseph is really excited!
Isaac, Daddy, Papa Joe and Samuel take a ride together.
Who says we need a minivan? We can fit everyone. We just have to be creative.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can I Really Have An 8 Year Old???

Tomorrow (Sunday) Lynnea, will turn 8 years old. The reality really set in this morning for me. Can this really be true? Last night, we hosted our very first sleepover with 3 girls. We started out the evening going to the premier of "High School Musical 3". This was a huge event for many reasons. 1)This was Lynnea's first visit to a big theatre (outside of the Tipton Diana Theatre). 2)I had banned most of the older kid Disney shows to my children for the past couple of months. Although most are very cute, they are just too big for my kids. Lynnea was thrilled to get to see her "friends" from Disney again. We had a great time.
We went home to begin the slumber which of course took some time. The girls woke up to French Toast. Then they got ready for the big event, A DRESS UP TEA PARTY!

Again lots of fun. It was funny to watch Benjamin and Joseph try to get involved. They put on collared shirts (of course Joseph added the Superman cape). But...they all drank from tea cups and ate their crumpets (vanilla wafers) very politely.

Benjamin did a good job being a good sport, but it could only last so long...
Sunday, we will have our family birthday with Lynnea. Papa Joe, Mama T and Grandma Legg with come over for apple pie (Lynnea's choice)! A very full birthday week!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Harley Humrichous

As if we don't have enough babies...
We found Harley at Cherished Life an animal rescue near Indianapolis. Lynnea has wanted a kitten for some time. Her favorite "stuffed" kittens at home are white (4 to be exact). We began searching because white kittens are somewhat hard to find. We wanted to get her one for her 8th birthday. We had almost given up hope until Harley's picture came up online. He was the only one to survive from his litter. He is a mix of two different kinds of Himalayan kittens. The kids are enjoying him so much. He is really a great fit. He is very calm, yet playful....and we have had no accidents. Happy Birthday Lynnea!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mums and Other Things...

As you know, we finished remodeling our home last December. It was nominated to win "Tipton Beautification Project". We lost our nomination when the tree fell on our house. Well, the repairs are finished. We have won for the month of September. Our picture and home were put in the paper, we are on the local TV station and we were given a sign to put in our front yard and a framed picture of our house for inside.

With a questionable future regarding our finances, Jason's job and the economy, Jason and I have had to be very conservative in our spending. Many times, I have passed this garden store (pictured above) and wished I could purchase some of their beautiful mums. Realizing that this is not a need at this time, I have prayed several times that God would provide mums. Silly, kind of, but I know that God cares about those little things. Before leaving the presentation, Tim Horton (owner of the garden store) handed us a $25 gift certificate to his store and told us to take home six mums of our choice! I am reminded of how much God cares about the simple. Thank you Lord for taking such good care of us...and for mums.