Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Harley Humrichous

As if we don't have enough babies...
We found Harley at Cherished Life an animal rescue near Indianapolis. Lynnea has wanted a kitten for some time. Her favorite "stuffed" kittens at home are white (4 to be exact). We began searching because white kittens are somewhat hard to find. We wanted to get her one for her 8th birthday. We had almost given up hope until Harley's picture came up online. He was the only one to survive from his litter. He is a mix of two different kinds of Himalayan kittens. The kids are enjoying him so much. He is really a great fit. He is very calm, yet playful....and we have had no accidents. Happy Birthday Lynnea!

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Detroit said...

HE.IS.SO.CUTE!!! We want a pet so bad but are just not home enough. Thanks for stopping by. I will definetly want to hear your slow cook ideas. I do try to do that over the weekend but starting something in the mornings during the week day just don't work unfortunately...wish it did. I like cooking a little in bulk too just so we have some lunches/dinners for the future to depend on as well. ;o)