Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Like Father...Like Son

When sorting out some of Grandma Charlotte's things, Jason told his dad that he wanted the family tractor willed to him. Papa Joe is still in good health. However, for Jason's birthday, he brought over the little red tractor to Tipton, Indiana. Jason took all the kids for rides. As I took pictures, I realized how things had changed. We used to take pictures of the kids with Papa Joe on the tractor. Now we take pictures of Daddy on the tractor. There is a good bit of humor having a tractor in town at 237 N Independence Street. It doesn't quite fit the "farm" look. Who knows, maybe it will fit in a parade or something!
Joseph is really excited!
Isaac, Daddy, Papa Joe and Samuel take a ride together.
Who says we need a minivan? We can fit everyone. We just have to be creative.


Andrew said...

Wayne is jealous! Unfortunately, having a tractor in Bucharest wouldn't really work. Looks like great memories in the making!

Detroit said...

I absolutely love this! Definitely will provide great memories and "adventures" on N. Independence! lol

jillybean said...

This is awesome! I love thinking about those "little buns" sitting in the passenger seat of that tractor. :)