Sunday, March 29, 2009

Five Is Fun!

Today is the day that Joseph has been looking forward to for a long time. He has had a list of what happens when he turns five. It looks something like this:

1. I go to school
2. I stop sucking my finger
3. I get to sleep on the top bunk
4. I don't have to take nap

Joseph is really a joy to our family. He has a LOVE for people that grows everyday. If you are under the age of 12, you have probably been invited to our house for a sleepover with Joseph. He makes friends in the craziest of places and he remembers most of their names because they are all his "best" friends. I love those tender moments when Joseph leans up close and says to me "I love you Mommy" or "You are my best Mommy". He is a real funny man too. He isn't afraid to do the bizarre. Last week, he bought a pair of thick glasses with a big nose and mustache attached. He enjoyed wearing them through the grocery store just to make people laugh. The following is part of my attempt to take a "nice" picture of Joseph...

Happy birthday Joseph!

(Stay tuned for pics from a totally happening birthday party, JOSEPH STYLE!)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kissing Cousins (Part 2)

On any given night at our house, you might be handed a ticket that is an invitation to a "show" that the kids have created. Gwen's visit was no exception. Lynnea trained and directed each of the children in their part. Joseph and Maggie had the grand finale to a song from Upward's music CD. Please sit back and enjoy their part of the show.

Joseph is sure that after this, oneday he wil marry Maggie. Maggie is for sure to marry her Daddy. They are a little mixed up and someday they will believe us.

It was good to see Joseph revert back quickly from Prince Charming to Bon Jovi.

Anna is a little happier in this one.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kissing Cousins? (Part 1)

My sister Gwen is such a treasure. She does such a good job at being a great support and encouragement to our family. Gwen and her two girls visited early this week. We had a great time playing with cousins. I guess I enjoyed the countless times sitting down with Gwen and just talking about whatever. Those times are so rare and yet so precious. Here are some pics on a nice spring day..
Maggie is almost four. Lynnea loves to play girl stuff and dress up with Maggie.
This was a rare occasion when Anna got the car away from one of my boys. You can notice the determined look on her face to keep it.
All the cousins pose together

Gwen with Anna's "not so glad to take a picture" face

Yes, even I tried out the trick bike. Benjamin is much better.

Now I try to pose with Maggie and her "I don't want to take a picture" face
Isaac loves being older and getting to play with the big kids. Look at that face!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Our Turn Now

Last night, Benjamin and I took our turn at the Mother/Son activity night at school (similar to Jason and Lynnea's date). We had a great time rotating through all the different games, obstacle courses and races. Unfortunately, my son beat me at most and I can't even say that I let him. It was really fun to be alone with Benjamin, something that I was looking forward to. While riding in the car, I was trying to drum up conversation. I asked, "what is your favorite thing about Mommy?" He said, "you cook for me". Sounds like a man. "What is the thing you don't like the most about your mommy?" "I get in trouble when I do wrong." Sounds like a child. If that is the worst thing I do, what a blessing! Because I know that oneday he will be thankful for correction and Benjamin's heavenly Father will be able to use him in mighty ways because of the self-control and obedience he learned as a child. Benjamin is a great boy. He has such a tender heart toward his brothers, family and even the things of God. I love to watch him desire reading his Bible, go to church and ask really great questions. What a blessing to have such a treasure in my son!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lee, The Gap, Old Navy, American Eagle,The Buckle

Yep, I am on the quest for new jeans. I figured that it was time to trade in all my saggy bottom jeans since my weight loss (from the babies) for something more complementary. I had forgotten the challenge that lay before!!! I started out doing two things wrong. First, I headed out with my husband and 4 small children to the mall. Although, Jason was gracious enough to take the kids to the play place, I soon realized the mall was not for me. The first store I walked into sold jeans for $69.50. WHAT! I asked the salesman (who was too young and probably shouldn't be buying those jeans either) "do you have any jeans that I could actually afford?" He was nice enough to point me to the clearance rack. There was my next problem. Can anyone tell me what body type wears a "low rise" jean and never shows parts of their body that shouldn't be seen? I'm not looking for a rise up to my neck, but surely there is an in between. I headed to other stores to find more low rises and costs up to $139.00. This was not going to be the day that I bought jeans for sure. Jason was nice enough to not ask too many questions as we rode home that day.

Tuesday, I headed with Mom and Noah to the Outlet Mall. Surely here, we would be successful! I was excited at the first store that there were some pants a little higher in the rise. However, here would come my second challenge. Did you know that you can pick up three of the same jeans, in the same color, size and cut and they can all fit differently? I asked the salesman there, "Why is this one too short, this one too tight and this one fit just right?" He was also kind and tried to reassure me they were working on that. Mom explained to me that they must cut out 20 jeans in a pile at the same time.
You will be comforted to know that after trying on 18 pairs of jeans, I can home with 3 new pairs of jeans that fit (well, in that relative jean sort of fit). I stayed in my budget and I can give away the old saggy bottoms (oh, my last helps to have a butt when trying to find jeans that fit!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


These were some pictures that I meant to post and forgot. I thought the kids were really cute. Of course, I enjoyed their creativity that day too!

All of these buckets of snow resulted in a sledding hill down our front steps. It tooks days to get it all off.

Any guesses on who these crazy boys are?