Monday, March 23, 2009

Kissing Cousins? (Part 1)

My sister Gwen is such a treasure. She does such a good job at being a great support and encouragement to our family. Gwen and her two girls visited early this week. We had a great time playing with cousins. I guess I enjoyed the countless times sitting down with Gwen and just talking about whatever. Those times are so rare and yet so precious. Here are some pics on a nice spring day..
Maggie is almost four. Lynnea loves to play girl stuff and dress up with Maggie.
This was a rare occasion when Anna got the car away from one of my boys. You can notice the determined look on her face to keep it.
All the cousins pose together

Gwen with Anna's "not so glad to take a picture" face

Yes, even I tried out the trick bike. Benjamin is much better.

Now I try to pose with Maggie and her "I don't want to take a picture" face
Isaac loves being older and getting to play with the big kids. Look at that face!

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Tiffany said... glad you had some nice family time with Gwen! Her girls are so sweet! Love ya