Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kissing Cousins (Part 2)

On any given night at our house, you might be handed a ticket that is an invitation to a "show" that the kids have created. Gwen's visit was no exception. Lynnea trained and directed each of the children in their part. Joseph and Maggie had the grand finale to a song from Upward's music CD. Please sit back and enjoy their part of the show.

Joseph is sure that after this, oneday he wil marry Maggie. Maggie is for sure to marry her Daddy. They are a little mixed up and someday they will believe us.

It was good to see Joseph revert back quickly from Prince Charming to Bon Jovi.

Anna is a little happier in this one.


Detroit said...

I can't stop laughing!

jillybean said...

okay, a couple of things...

please tell me that is not Benjamin looking like a tall shirtless pre-teen in the background of Joseph "Bon Jovi's" picture?

also, i will refrain from posting the pictures from the last "show" I attended at your house. not sure where the boys get the idea that all shows require shirtlessness, but I have a feeling they get that from their father. :)

Love these pictures and seeing what a fun time all these cousins had together!