Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Our Turn Now

Last night, Benjamin and I took our turn at the Mother/Son activity night at school (similar to Jason and Lynnea's date). We had a great time rotating through all the different games, obstacle courses and races. Unfortunately, my son beat me at most and I can't even say that I let him. It was really fun to be alone with Benjamin, something that I was looking forward to. While riding in the car, I was trying to drum up conversation. I asked, "what is your favorite thing about Mommy?" He said, "you cook for me". Sounds like a man. "What is the thing you don't like the most about your mommy?" "I get in trouble when I do wrong." Sounds like a child. If that is the worst thing I do, what a blessing! Because I know that oneday he will be thankful for correction and Benjamin's heavenly Father will be able to use him in mighty ways because of the self-control and obedience he learned as a child. Benjamin is a great boy. He has such a tender heart toward his brothers, family and even the things of God. I love to watch him desire reading his Bible, go to church and ask really great questions. What a blessing to have such a treasure in my son!

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Anonymous said...

You are such a good Mommy. Love, Carrie