Friday, June 27, 2008

And More Baseball

We have just finished our first season of baseball and softball. We really enjoyed so many things about this season. We loved being outside, spending time with friends and watching the kids learn the game. As it comes to a close, here are some shots of Benjamin. His team had the most drafted 5 years olds this year. They did really great. When our coach found out how many boys we have he commented, "we have drafted a dynasty!" We calculated and there is a chance 4 of our boys might play on the same team one year!

Whether he knows it or not, he is still my little boy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

There is nothing like watching our kids experience something for the first time. We entered into Victory Field, took our seats and watched the kids begin scoping out the sights. Benjamin's eyes were glued to the the field, wanting to know what everything was, where the bases were, who was the pitcher, how to read the score board, and if running from 2nd to 3rd base was longer than his pee wee field.
Jason's company took us to see the Indians play in Indianapolis. The kids were able to get a hot dog, soda, hat and small baseball bat. They loved every bit of being there. Also, we were very entertaining to the crowd around us who couldn't believe there were 6 kids and especially FIVE BOYS!
I am amazed at God's provision and blessing allowing us to enjoy sharing an activity as a family. We, as a family, have been cutting corners as the rest of our country. I really wanted some day activities to share with the kids, but decided it was best to stay close to home and enjoy some of the free acitivities of library, little pool, and friends. I am so thankful that God gave us this "free" activity for our family. Isn't is amazing to watch God give us special treats that we don't even know are coming?
Isaac's attempt to squirm from anyone who holds him. Samuel watches the pitch! Jeff Langston, Jason's boss shares his hat with Isaac. Entry to the Victory Field. What six children look like at 10 o'clock at night after a baseball game!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And the Champion is...

Last night was a big night for our little girl. Lynnea's team was ranked 7th out of 8 softball teams going into the city tournament. The tournament was double elimination. They lost their first game. Then, they won every game through the losers bracket. They made it all the way to the championship game. The girls started out great. They were up 3-2 after the 2nd inning. The excitement ran through the crowd (okay, mostly moms and dads were very excited). The other team had several hits in a row.
Tipton Ace Hardware couldn't come back. They lost the game 9-6. Although unfortunate, making the championship game was a HUGE comeback. The girls got a big trophy that Lynnea proudly displays in the center of her dresser. Lynnea enjoyed playing center field and catcher. This picture displays her love of the game.

Way to go Nay-nee!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good-bye Tree!

Our neighbors caught some video of our tree being removed. I knew my Mom would really appreciate watching this. Here you go Mom...

This is taking off the top of the tree

This is removing the trunk of the tree.

This is lifting the tree off of our house.

After all of this process, we surveyed the damages. The roof is punctured and we will have to repair the ceiling, gutter, and miscellaneous. And for those who care about my plants, they are fine. My salvia was broken, but they will bloom again. They appreciate your prayers-HAHA!

Making a Schedule....

Before school got out, I was really nervous about having all six children home. Mostly, I was concerned about having days just dragging along without any sense of purpose or intention to enjoy summer. As most moms, I didn't want to hear how bored the older kids were all the time. I began praying for creativity that was really fun, but let me get my work done and some much needed quiet time. Here is what has worked out for us. I started by planning an activity each day that would be the same each week (Monday-park, Tuesday-library, Wednesday-pool, Thursday-groceries, Friday-playdates with friends). They could come to expect something each day that they enjoy (okay, except groceries, but that just has to happen). We start our mornings by getting ready for the day and breakfast. After that, we work for one hour together to get our cleaning done. The littler ones take a nap or play in their room. Then we head off for our activity until lunch. My favorite part of the day happens after lunch. The four little guys take their naps. Lynnea and Benjamin have quiet time. Their quiet time consists of reading an age appropriate Bible story book, doing some workbook pages and then reading their library books. This goes for one hour. Then I let them have one hour to watch library DVDs that they have chosen until the others get up from naps. (Getting their own library cards this year was a HUGE thing for them. I decided to let this be a priviledge when they start reading.) This has worked out wonderful to enjoy summer, yet still have some order. Sometimes I get teased about having a sense of organization and control. In this stage of life, I am very thankful for this. I think the kids are too.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Twin Time

I can still remember the day that I was at my doctor having an ultrasound done. I was 6 weeks along. I had said a quick prayer again the night before asking for the priviledge of having twins. I remember the ultrasound tech looking somewhat confused and asking, "do twins run in your family?" I remember crying and thinking about answered prayer and the gift God was giving us. Samuel's name is a great reminder of God's blessing of a child (or in our case, children).
Here we are over 3 years later with 2 year olds. For as curious and crazy Noah and Samuel make our life, we are so blessed. They are so much fun to watch and enjoy. We enjoy the way the talk to each other in their own language, the way they look out for each other and the way they run through the house together. Sometimes in my crazy days, I forget to just watch and enjoy.

I took these pictures after a crazy day. They were being so cute walking around our porch in their bare feet. They had such a good time enjoying being outside. I love their faces and how authentic these pictures are.

Summer is Here!

From the first time we could wear short sleeved shirts, the kids starting asking me when it would be summer. Benjamin counted the days until school was out because he was for sure that the cold weather would be gone and he could wear "short pants" all the time.
Yesterday, we broke out the pools. The twins were very timid at first, You can see from the picture that they worked out their fears rather quickly. They loved splashing and rolling around in the water.
The goggles were a big hit. Everyone enjoyed wearing them for a short time.
After Isaac's nap, he joined the twins in the baby pool for a swim or in his mind, drinking the water and picking out the grass to eat.
Joseph tries his hand at playing the diving stick. He is quite the musician.

Lynnea enjoyed posing for the camera. We teased her that she was posing for her senior pictures. She is our brave one in the water. She took the dare to be the first one to put her head under the water when we first filled the pool. It was cold!
Benjamin tries out his water acting while in the pool.

Living in a Treehouse

Last night was going to be an ordinary night for the Humrichous family on a Friday night. We ordered pizza, went for a drive, then came home to ride bikes and eat ice cream. While playing outside, we saw a storm starting to move in. We started putting away toys and bikes. Everyone made it to the house (before the torrential rains and 80 MPH started) except for Lynnea and Joseph who were stuck in the "unattached" garage. Through coaxing from Jason, they finally decided to brave the rains and run inside. The inside was very dark. We started drying everyone off when Jason had a chance to look out the front. The beautiful tree you see in this picture had significantly changed. The winds split the tree in two and it fell onto our brand new remodeled porch. We waited for the rains and winds to slow up a bit (all of 10 minutes) and Jason went out to survey the damages. Thankfully, it looks like the the structure is sound. The roof might have been punctured because there is water coming into the porch through the ceiling. Silly enough, my next concern after the structure was whether my new landscaping was hurt. I have worked so hard to keep it growing and blooming. Today a tree removal service is coming so we will see more of the damages. When I asked Jason for a playhouse with swings and a fence for the kids, I didn't think he would take me quite so literal!

This whole experience has reminded me how fleeting this life is. My possessions can never become greater than God's plan for my life and the time I give to things that last for eternity. In a strange sort of way, I am thankful for this reminder from the Lord. Once again, I eagerly await heaven!