Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Making a Schedule....

Before school got out, I was really nervous about having all six children home. Mostly, I was concerned about having days just dragging along without any sense of purpose or intention to enjoy summer. As most moms, I didn't want to hear how bored the older kids were all the time. I began praying for creativity that was really fun, but let me get my work done and some much needed quiet time. Here is what has worked out for us. I started by planning an activity each day that would be the same each week (Monday-park, Tuesday-library, Wednesday-pool, Thursday-groceries, Friday-playdates with friends). They could come to expect something each day that they enjoy (okay, except groceries, but that just has to happen). We start our mornings by getting ready for the day and breakfast. After that, we work for one hour together to get our cleaning done. The littler ones take a nap or play in their room. Then we head off for our activity until lunch. My favorite part of the day happens after lunch. The four little guys take their naps. Lynnea and Benjamin have quiet time. Their quiet time consists of reading an age appropriate Bible story book, doing some workbook pages and then reading their library books. This goes for one hour. Then I let them have one hour to watch library DVDs that they have chosen until the others get up from naps. (Getting their own library cards this year was a HUGE thing for them. I decided to let this be a priviledge when they start reading.) This has worked out wonderful to enjoy summer, yet still have some order. Sometimes I get teased about having a sense of organization and control. In this stage of life, I am very thankful for this. I think the kids are too.


Gretchen said...

Jen! So glad that you found me! I would love to connect. You're 6-kid schedule sounds like just the kind of thing I would enjoy discussing. Love your blog. Keep up the great posts. Things like this are helpful for your readers. I think blogging can be a ministry, aside from keeping up to date with fam, and so forth.


Andrew said...

Jen, you have got to be the best mom I know! Keep up the great work. Your kids will bless you one day because of it.

Love you...Leah