Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And the Champion is...

Last night was a big night for our little girl. Lynnea's team was ranked 7th out of 8 softball teams going into the city tournament. The tournament was double elimination. They lost their first game. Then, they won every game through the losers bracket. They made it all the way to the championship game. The girls started out great. They were up 3-2 after the 2nd inning. The excitement ran through the crowd (okay, mostly moms and dads were very excited). The other team had several hits in a row.
Tipton Ace Hardware couldn't come back. They lost the game 9-6. Although unfortunate, making the championship game was a HUGE comeback. The girls got a big trophy that Lynnea proudly displays in the center of her dresser. Lynnea enjoyed playing center field and catcher. This picture displays her love of the game.

Way to go Nay-nee!!


jillybean said...

These are great pictures that you captured! I have some similar soccer pictures of her, but I think she's enjoying the softball more.

Thanks for chatting this morning and for all the great ideas! I pray I can establish some really good foundations with Lauren in the next few weeks. Thanks for being a great example to follow!

....t said...

What a princess. She is growing up so fast!!! Way to go Tipton Hardware!!!!!!!!!!Aunt teri....t

Andrew said...

Like mother like daughter. If I remember correctly her mother was a great ball player too!