Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer is Here!

From the first time we could wear short sleeved shirts, the kids starting asking me when it would be summer. Benjamin counted the days until school was out because he was for sure that the cold weather would be gone and he could wear "short pants" all the time.
Yesterday, we broke out the pools. The twins were very timid at first, You can see from the picture that they worked out their fears rather quickly. They loved splashing and rolling around in the water.
The goggles were a big hit. Everyone enjoyed wearing them for a short time.
After Isaac's nap, he joined the twins in the baby pool for a swim or in his mind, drinking the water and picking out the grass to eat.
Joseph tries his hand at playing the diving stick. He is quite the musician.

Lynnea enjoyed posing for the camera. We teased her that she was posing for her senior pictures. She is our brave one in the water. She took the dare to be the first one to put her head under the water when we first filled the pool. It was cold!
Benjamin tries out his water acting while in the pool.

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