Saturday, June 7, 2008

Twin Time

I can still remember the day that I was at my doctor having an ultrasound done. I was 6 weeks along. I had said a quick prayer again the night before asking for the priviledge of having twins. I remember the ultrasound tech looking somewhat confused and asking, "do twins run in your family?" I remember crying and thinking about answered prayer and the gift God was giving us. Samuel's name is a great reminder of God's blessing of a child (or in our case, children).
Here we are over 3 years later with 2 year olds. For as curious and crazy Noah and Samuel make our life, we are so blessed. They are so much fun to watch and enjoy. We enjoy the way the talk to each other in their own language, the way they look out for each other and the way they run through the house together. Sometimes in my crazy days, I forget to just watch and enjoy.

I took these pictures after a crazy day. They were being so cute walking around our porch in their bare feet. They had such a good time enjoying being outside. I love their faces and how authentic these pictures are.


jillybean said...

Fun pictures, Jen! I pulled it up this afternoon for everyone to see the tree pictures and found all these other pictures too. Everybody enjoyed seeing them! :)

Detroit said...

This is so cool! I love being able to have a glimpse now! Love ya, Tiffany