Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Could they be any more beautiful?

Now....I pose as the proud sister and aunt wanting to show off my beautiful nieces. I know that I am partial, but these girls are such dollies. My sister Gwen lives in Michigan with her awesome husband, Josh. They are in youth ministry and I love their hearts for the Lord. Maggie just turned 3 and Anna is 8 months old. Enjoy these pictures!


Andrew said...

Great pictures! It's hard to believe Gwen has two kids already. They sure are cute!


jillybean said...

These are precious dollies! and you caught some really sweet pictures of their faces. I love it!

Eight Is Enough said...

Thanks Jill. Too bad I didn't get to take these pictures. Gwen's friend does a great job getting some great ones for me to share.