Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy "Last" 1st Birthday!

Tonight we celebrated Isaac's 1st birthday. It's amazing after all the work you put into a fast it can go. I find myself reflecting on the past year... how fast it can go. I remember being in the hospital after my first c-section thinking "how in the world am I going to go home and do this?!?!? Amazingly enough, we did it. I really thought watching "our baby" get bigger was going to be easy. Yesterday, I found myself shopping in a boutique for Isaac. I had a gift card that I wanted to use to buy him an outfit to wear for his birthday. One thing led to another as I scanned the layette. No more little tiny outfits. You guessed it. Crying my eyes out while waiting in line. I can only imagine how much harder this gets.
Anyway, our party was fun. Isaac was the little charmer smiling at all his guests. Mostly, he just loved the balloons and tissue paper. Grandpa and Grandma Legg came with their grandchildren from CA. Our beloved Burton family with their 3 little boys came as well. We sang Happy Birthday, ate cake (which by the way had the San Andreas Fault line running through broke when frosting really does pay to wait until it cools!), opened presents and played some more. The house is a mess, but a good mess. The kids are asleep (Jason too). And here I very thankful for our little baby. Happy Birthday Little Isaac!


Andrew said...

Time flies! Before you know it he'll be driving and asking girls out. Wow! Enjoy it...all of it!


Eight Is Enough said...

C'mon Leah, aren't blogs supposed to be encouraging?!?! Help me out here.

Andrew said...

Ok, so you're not the only one who has stood in a store and bawled like a baby because your last child is growing up. Been there! I cried when I realized I didn't need to buy diapers anymore. I was done changing diapers for my kids..forever. I was glad and sad all at the same time. Like I said...time flies...enjoy the time you have.
Love you-

jillybean said...

Wow, Jen! That was a major moment for you in the store. A lot of fun memories from last year coming to be with you and the kids when you had Isaac. It seems like just yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time.

I can only imagine all of the fun that is in store for you though for many years to come. You're going to have so many precious and amazing moments!