Saturday, February 7, 2009

Trusting Actively

For as long as I can remember, I would say that I "trust" the Lord to provide my needs or I "trust" that God cares about me. Recently, God is teaching me a lot about trust. I am beginning to learn that trusting the Lord is a very active state of mind. I can tend to worry about many things. I can worry about our finances, the safety of my children, what might happen later in my day or various things that are fairly common to most mothers. I am learning that trusting in God means stopping my thoughts right in the middle of the concern and beginning to think truth. It might be as simple as thinking, "God, I know you promise to provide for me, I trust in you". I might emotionally not agree with what I am saying and many times have opened my Bible to read familiar passages. I am amazed at how quickly the Holy Spirit speaks to my mind and heart and I am comforted to truly be able to walk in trust again. My thoughts might wander again later to fretting, but I am beginning to catch myself sooner and as an act of will choose to think on the promises of God. I am challenged by this, but my stomach feels much better my relationship with God much deeper. I am truly His child.

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