Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meal Planning Discovery

In January, Jason received a very basic spiral calendar from a company. He didn't need it, so I began using it to meal plan. I sat down and planned out a menu for everyday-breakfast, lunch & dinner. With the size of our family, I almost have to have an idea for every meal to make sure there is enough for everyone. Planning for a month has made a HUGE impact in my sanity, our finances, healthy meals and the anticipation for the next meal. Since I took the time to do it the first month, I can rotate many things for the next month and then just add a few fun fresh new recipes or desserts. It took me about 20 minutes to plan a month. Then, each week, I just make out my grocery list from that plan. It works great. I have done monthly meal planning before, but having it in this spiral bound book makes it very easy to look back for the things we love. Do you have any ideas that would contribute to my plan? I love to cook...so I would even love to hear some new recipes that your family loves. I have an extra copy of this calendar so if your comment is chosen as a family favorite idea or recipe, I will send it to you!!


Julie said...

My mom taught me to use 3x5 cards for meal plans. On the front write the name of the dish (and possible sides to go with it). On the back write the ingredients needed & if its in a cookbook the name and pg#. Don't write out the receipe just the ingredients. Then keep them in a card file. Pull out the ones you want for the week or month and your shopping list is already done. I also use a cute clip by the sink (3x5card)of the meals for the week. That way whoever is home can start dinner, alls they have to do is pick one from the list!

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Hello! My name is Kacy and I just happened to come across your blog after being on Jill's blog! I went to school with your husband and his sisters at First Baptist! =) Your blog caught my eye right away, as I have 6 children also...including 2 sets of twins. Your children are beautiful and I can see that you are so blessed as well! Just wanted you to know that I enjoyed reading some of your posts tonight! =)

schwadette said...

Hey girl - I try to take the whole meal planning thing a stop further and write down every possible thing I need from the grocery store to make my meals. It's a REALLY detailed grocery list... then I mark off the things I already have. Keeps me "organized" and helps me to remember to buy everything I need! :) Otherwise I forget something... usually something important (like the chicken... or some other MAJOR ingredient!).
We've been trying some new weight watchers recipes that I'll send your way via facebook later this weekend. Tasty stuff!