Friday, February 20, 2009

And The Two Shall Become One

No, it isn't our anniversary. Last weekend, my Mom and her husband (Basil) visited our family. We had a great time. Basil was sharing how he was doing a study in his bible over the phrase "and the two shall become one" that is often spoken at weddings. He discovered that phrase to mean that a husband and wife become ONE after they have a child. I have not researched that and obviously, WE have become ONE six times...

That conversation prompted this post. I felt the need to brag on my husband. I am often amazed at what a great man I married. Jason does such an amazing job leading our family. He has such a passion for God's direction in our lives. Almost daily, I hear him saying something to our children that teaches them about Jesus and how to serve and obey God in their lives. He is such a HUGE help to me. He jumps in at home as soon as he walks in the door and is attacked by 6 charging superheroes coming to meet him at the door. Often times, he will look out for me to make sure I get a break, even if he hasn't gotten one. One of my favorite things I love is Jason's ability to develop relationships with people. I see this most often at his work where he is a salesperson. You might think he invests in people just to sell a house. However, he truly cares about that person and the needs in their lives. We have had many of those clients over to our house for dinner just because Jason wants our family to share in their lives. We pray for those clients. I have so many other things that I would love to share...maybe I will save that for our 10th Anniversary blog in a couple of months. You win if you know the exact date. In the meantime, here are some early pics of us...
September 1998 Dating
Engagement Picture
(props to Photos by Greg in Tipton, we were one of his early clients)

The Big Day (again, thanks Greg)

WOW! Looks like we need a tanning bed or something.

After looking back at those pictures, I can tell that we had no idea what we were getting into. We were the greatest parents then (isn't everyone who doesn't have any children???) I think we have learned a lot and the best part is that I would rather spend time with Jason than anyone.

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stephanie garcia said...

This is a wonderful tribute to your husband. I am so glad God brought the two of you together!