Friday, February 27, 2009

We Remember...

I know exactly where I was one year ago...having taken Anna to the airport, I was coming down Golf Course Rd. to take Lynnea back to school when my cell phone rang. It was strange that my brother was calling me in the morning. He asked if I could pull over. The next few seconds were like hours as my mind raced to what could have happened. "Jen, Dad died this morning". Those words changed who I was for the rest of my life. I had to grow up in a new way.

I grew up for most of my childhood in Ionia, MI...on a little farm...with one brother and three sisters. My Dad wanted his kids to enjoy a big place to play and he wanted to try his hand at farming. It was the life! There were great times to be had on that farm. Of course, there was always the occasional trip to Lake Michigan.
My poor brother is missing because someone had to take the picture.

My parents divorced when I was in high school and seeing Dad was much more limited. He always had a special place in my heart. We spent many of our visits at a Burger King having Cokes or outside at a park playing tennis or having a picnic.
When I got married and became a mom, I got to enjoy a new relationship with Dad. He loved hearing stories of the kids and he always encouraged me at being such a great mom. He really did try to keep up with an occasional package in the mail or phone call or email.
It's amazing that one full year has passed. I miss my Dad differently today than I did one year ago. I feel like I know him better. One of the things that I know I inherited from my parents is my love for books, specifically from my Dad, the love to research, study, and gain knowledge. I have been reading one of Dad's favorites lately. He commented in his handwriting all over the pages. He was so brilliant to retain a lot of great information. It has provided some great memories for me. I still wonder if I will ever be able to take his phone number out of my cell phone, his e-mail off my computer or his address out of my phone book. Maybe not, but it's okay.

Jason's dad brought me a gift last weekend to remember my dad. I love it. It is called, "Quest". It is a great representation of my Dad's life. I believe that he loved God with all of his heart and wanted to know and understand God greater. I pray that I too will always stay on this "quest".

I Love You Dad. I Will See You Real Soon!


Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of your dad, I will be praying for you ! Taking time to reflect and ponder on the precious memories you had with him and to see and feel the everyday things he has instilled in you :) I havent gone thru what you have but pray that God gives me the strength I need. Knowing that we will see our parents again real soon gives great comfort. What a precious beautiful gift you recieved from your father in law may it be a great reminder of your dad and the love he had for you. I praise God for the parents I have and for the things they have instilled in me. My prayer is that I may do that with my children. We never know when God may take us home, each and everyday needs to be lived like it may be our last. Hope the sunshine(it is sunny here ?!) brings smiles and great memories of your dad today !
with much love and hugs

Anonymous said...

That was amazing. I haven't been able to look at pictures of dad since he died. Sometimes it still seems like he's still here, because we didn't see him very often anyway. Yesterday I was playing b-ball with Alex and remembered when dad use to play baseball with us all out in the back yard. And also how he loved to play baseball with Dwayne and his family to. And now it hurts that he will not be able to play some of those things with Alex.
I am headed out to the grave site today. I wish the rest of you all could come too!
Love, Juli

jillybean said...

Beautiful post, Jen! Made me cry this morning. It's so good to remember and reflect and be thankful for the sweet moments.
Love you!

Jennifer said...

What precious memories! I'm praying for you during this time!

My dad died 6 1/2 years ago(I was preg. with Katie) To this day it's hard! Easier but still difficult! My dad was an avid reader and very intelligent! I learned so much from him. I miss him, I miss talking to him, learning from him etc!!! My dad got saved about 6 mo. before he died. I praise God for that!

At least we have the comfort of knowing we will see them again!

Big Hugs!