Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maybe Eating at Home Isn't So Bad

The smiles on their faces are a great representation on how this night "started" out. I had been wanting to share this with you for some time, but forgot. Some friends of ours had taken the older three kids out for the evening. Since this rarely happens, Jason and I decided to take the younger 3 out for fun. I need to tell you that we had just come through a week of some of the kids getting sick. We went to Burger King (I know, we are such big spenders). Anyway, while we are eating, Samuel told me his tummy hurt and he needed to go to the bathroom. As I am getting up to take him, it is already to late. He had messed in his underwear. I hold him straight out from me and carry him to the bathroom to clean him up. It's a mess. I have to put a diaper on him and he walks back "pantless" to our table.

When I get there, Jason told me that Isaac had thrown up while I was gone. Can you believe it??? Trying to finish up quick, Samuel messes out of the diaper again. We clean up the table and run to the car. Samuel sits on my coat in the car and we make it home for baths and bed. The Lord was gracious to us to allow us to be able to laugh at our evening. Could it be any crazier? Life in our house with 6 children is never the same!

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chiru said...

So lovely and so funny!
Yes, we're really lucky to be able to laugh from the bottom of our hearts :D

I live in Kumamoto, Japan. And I found you just to click the 'next blog' button on the top of my blog.
Nice to see you!