Thursday, November 6, 2008

The People You Meet Along the Way...

Today I went out to Zionsville to see the house that Jason is finishing. While there I met a man that lives next door to the homeowner named Larry Houser. Larry invited us over to meet him and show the boys his dogs. Larry's friendship with Jason has been very rewarding. You see, Larry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Jason had an opportunity to talk with Larry about eternity and his relationship with the Lord. Through this conversation, Jason discovered that Larry was already a brother in Christ! Larry has an amazing testimony as he endures chemotherapy, weariness and his future. If you would like to read more about the conversation Jason had with Larry, you can read it at Jason's excerpt is written on October 20th (the person who writes the blog called him Justin). It's really great. Here are some pictures of our day at Larry's.
Playing with the dogs.
Isaac and Noah begin a conversation
Joseph poses with Mr. Larry and Nevada
Of course, Samuel wants to be held.
Isaac loves wandering in the grass
The Reigner House in its almost finished state.

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