Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

A new year has begun with so many new hopes and dreams. I remember once again how blessed I am to enjoy a wonderful family. With each new year, our children are simple reminders of God's grace poured on our lives. When I was on my bed reading my Bible on January 1st, I was praying about what lives God would want me to reach out to. A quiet voice said, "start with your children". I was so thankful for that. Joseph was "supposed" to be taking a nap on my bed. We have long prayed that Joseph would make the choice to follow Jesus with his life. I began to once again share Christ's sacrifice and redemptive plan to Joseph. He said, "sometime I want to do that". The very next day as I was getting ready, he came into the bathroom and announced, "there are two things I want to do today...1)go play in the snow and 2)I want to ask Jesus into my heart". What an exciting day to rejoice with the angels of heaven as Joseph stepped into the hope of today and eternity. Thank you Father for those quiet words to reach my children...reminding me once again that reaching them is my very first priority.

Can't wait to spend eternity with you Joe!

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