Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another School Year...and so much to share!

We are well into another year of school. The schedules are full of so many good things. Lynnea will be in the community theatre this fall for the first time with a small role.Benjamin is having his first try and football. His first game was last week and he tried out his quarterback position.Jason is getting his fun watching Benjamin study his new aquired "play book". Joseph adds another year of soccer to his belt, mostly enjoying the snacks and friends. Noah and Samuel added pre-school to the schedule this fall. We are praying this will help in their speech delay. They have no idea of our intentions for language development. They care only about when it is their show-n-tell day. Isaac finds his schedule full of riding in the car everywhere and entertaining the crowd with his smiles and silly ideas.

In the midst of a full schedule, God is showing Himself so faithful to our family. We are growing in our understanding of Him as our Heavenly Father in new ways everyday. This is so apparent in beginning our self employment journey once again. In future posts, I will share more of Jason's new journey. What a blessing to walk everyday with great hope for the promise of our future!

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jillybean said...

These are great pictures and great captions describing where everybody is at in life. Having just had you guys here and I could really see each of them as you described. :) I know that life is busy for you, but you've got a great team there that you and Jason have built! (by God's grace, I know)