Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Best of Show

At the end of last year, Jason's company asked him to supervise the building of a home that they would enter in this year's home show. It's been a HUGE project consuming much of Jason's time in the past few months. Last night was the premier party for the show which included 5 homes. Jason's company, Heartwood Custom Homes, won several awards including the best of show. It was really great to see some hard work pay off. The house sells for 1.9 million and is absolutely beautiful. You can check out the show at

Last Saturday, I took Jason dinner while he was working some late hours. I toured the house and watched the designers at work. They are amazing and so very creative. I spent some time with the photographer who has staged some of her work throughout the house. It's amazing. I found myself reflecting quite a bit while I drove home. This home is exquisite. So much time and money has been spent on this project. What does God think of all this? Does He celebrate the beauty and amazement with me? Does He understand my desire to get in there with the designers and create a beautiful space. A quick response from a friend reminded me that oneday it would all be gone. Although true, I didn't want to take a cynical attitude. I didn't arrive at some huge discovery or revelation, just a brief reminder. God loves beauty as evidenced in so many "projects of building" in the Old Testament. He created us to be able to design, build and create. It might be as simple as my 4 year old's sketches of rainbows on a paper or as big as the temple built in Jerusalem. In the end, He will use it all to bring glory to Himself. And who knows...maybe someday I might just get my chance...

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jillybean said...

This is really huge, Jen! I went to the website and tried to find pictures of the exact house that Jason worked on, but I couldn't seem to find it. let me know if I can see actual pictures of that house or if it's just of some of the model homes in the past. Hope it's going well and that you are hanging in there!