Friday, September 5, 2008

Look Out Sarah Palin!

Lynnea's name was selected to participate in Tipton's festival princess pageant this year. She loved it and had so much fun. The day started with getting out of school early. She had an interview with 3 judges. Then she went on to ride with the girls in the evening parade. The pageant was the big follow up. Other than the rain, the event was a success!

When asked if she had any pets, she replied, "yes, my brother Joseph!". Of course, the MC loved that she had FIVE brothers. It was a lot of fun for the girls in our house to mix up the countless soccer games with a little flair!

Blowing kisses and waving in the parade. The little girl next to Lynnea is Benjamin's "favorite girl in the whole world!", Paige Golden.

The MC interviews Lynnea on stage

Mommy takes pictures at the park

I love this picture!

Of course, twirling in her dress was a highlight too!


shelli said...

She is so beautiful! Glad to hear she had a great time! I miss you guys!

jillybean said...

:) I love it! Great dress and purple too. I love her answer about Joseph. Did she have any coaching on that or was that impromptu?

Andrew said...

She's beautiful...just like her mommy! :) What a delight it is to have girls! Purple looks so great on her. What precious memories!

Miss you,

....t said...

Oh, Jen what an angel!!! She is beautiful in her looks and she has a beautiful heart too. i had a chance to visit with her at the funeral. She is so aware of helping those around her. Please tell her that everyone at our house thinks that she is a real beauty princess in every way Love....t (PS thanx so much for the corn. It was delish!!)

Gretchen said...

What a gorgeous girl! I love all the pictures!