Friday, August 22, 2008

Potty Training Twins? Yeah Right.

Since I couldn't decide whether putting the actual pictures of the twins training was appropriate on the web, I decided that Isaac would have to pull it off for them. He is very interested in this chair.

I have quarantined the twins to a room with the TV and hardwood floors. We are on day 3 and are doing pretty good. Samuel was dry last night and they are both running to the potty to try to go. They can get easily distracted so I have to remind them frequently.

When I potty trained Joseph, my sister in law introduced me to this book on the internet. He potty trained in one day! I definitely recommend it to anyone! The twins are on their way to success and it's the beginning of day 3. Check it out at . Please make sure to follow the acceptable use policy.

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....t said...

Hey Jen, i am trying to house train our Basset Hound--Tucker--. Do think the book will help?? Really i am only joking. Good luck with potty training those adorable twins. Love your sweet family....t