Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finishing Summer with a BANG!

School starts again for the kids on Friday, so we took a much needed family vacation to my favorite "home" spot of Lake Michigan before the fall begins. We were in a lake cottage right on the lake which has its advantages of being in the water almost all day, yet close enough to walk back for a quick lunch and a nap. Lynnea and Benjamin were much more comfortable in the water than 2 years ago. Samuel and Noah were very timid with the water, but loved the sand and sun. Isaac really enjoyed the taste of sand-yuck!We visited a dairy that makes their own ice cream. The kids really loved watching the cows. It was a toss up between whether the cows or the ice cream were more popular! We were sad to see our time come to an end, but thankful for the rest and quiet time together.Good-bye summer.


Eight Is Enough said...


Hopefully, this doesn't make you too homesick. Thank you for sharing part of your family with me. I love you.


jillybean said...

Great pictures! I didn't realize you guys were going up there. Loved the last picture! :) When do the kids start school?

....t said...

Jen. what a delight your family is. The pics were beautiful. i am so glad that you all got to spend time away. Take care....t

Andrew said...

I am crying. But I'm also glad you got to spend time there. It holds so many memories for us, I glad you made some there too! Hope to see you there next summer!
Love to you.