Saturday, August 2, 2008

"I'm 6, but I look like I'm 7!"

These are the words that Benjamin said to Auntie Anna when she called him on his birthday. He got a little confused when we were measuring him on our family growth chart. He measures 2 1/2 inches taller than Lynnea did at 6. He took it to mean that he measures to be 7. Regardless of the details, he is getting so big. We had a family birthday on Monday night. Jason and I gave him "heelys" which he had asked for awhile ago. He was very excited. Grandpa and Grandma Legg came along with Aunt Gwen, Maggie and baby Anna. Friday night we had some friends over for a cookout and games. Here are some pictures from our parties together!


....t said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My what a tall guy you are. My "little" boy (Wyatt) just had his school physical and he is 6ft 7ins and he is only 15. i think that you are going to be a really tall young man. How cool! Love to you and your brothers and sister....t (aunt teri)

jillybean said...

Tell Ben to be careful with those sweat/headbands. He just might get a tan line on his head like Uncle Greg did. :)

jillybean said...

I went home the weekend that Johanna and Bob left. I kind of coordinated my trip with when dad was coming back and forth through Indy, so I only had to get to Indy and then rode the rest of the way with dad. On Friday, I went to Brownsburg (not quite B-burg, but far west side of Indy) at Mark and Christine's new house and that's where dad picked me up on his way home from Detroit. Then he had to come back through to pick up Teresa after the Women of Faith conference, so I rode back with him and picked up my car on Saturday night. I went home because I was feeling like I needed to get home to see Grandma and I saw a way that I could do that without making the whole trip by myself. Got more to post about that trip, and I might get to it today. :)