Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to School

Well, they are off and running. Both Lynnea and Benjamin had their outfits picked out way in advance. It was very important to Lynnea that her outfit match her new shoes. She is sporting her new Hannah Montana purple backpack. Of course, inside, are 2 folders. One, Sharpay from High School Musical and the other, you guessed it, Hannah Montana.

I told Benjamin that he should choose a nicer shirt on his first day of school. This was a great disappointment to him since his favorite tacky neon-green dinosaur shirt would be much more appropriate to him. Can you tell his favorite color is green?!?! He is very excited about wearing new shoes and being in the same class as Paige Golden (I have to type it that way because that's the way he says is). Life couldn't get any better!

Lord Jesus, I lift up my children to you as they begin another year. I pray that you would protect their hearts. Keep them pure. Allow them to be used of you even at such a young age. Help them to choose friends who pursue you with all their hearts. May this year be a time when we look back and are able to testify "that the Lord is SO good". Amen.


....t said...

Oh, Jen they are so precious....t

Detroit said...

Oh my goodness! So cute and proud! I always loved the start of school and I too had my outfits picked out in advance...glad to hear kiddos still do that! ;o)