Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Joseph's Totally Rockin' Party

As promised, here are some details from Joseph's big party. I need to let you in on a few things first. When this all started, we were going to invite 3 families to the party. During the course of two weeks, Joseph invited 4 more families. Jason and I wondered how to really pull this off. We decided to just make it a HUGE carnival theme, add some desserts and a "pinalla" (pinata) which was Joseph's only request. In the morning, I made a chocolate cake, rice crispy treats, brownies, white chocolate cookies and chocolate peanut butter dessert (my favorite). All the kids got involved and it was suprisingly fun that morning. During nap time, we decorated, taped the floor for games and put on the finishing touches. We all went out to McD's for dinner so the little boys wouldn't destroy everything before the party.

So the guest list looked like 14 adults, 19 children and 5 children under the age of 2...yes, 38 people in our house at one time. I got rather scared as some families entered looking very overwhelmed. I knew by their expressions, that they might have like to run away quickly.
This started as a little pool to dig for buried treasure and ended up being a pool to swim around in.Joseph's lifelong friend (literally), JakeNo party is complete without the Gates FamilyJoseph with friends Mary Ellen and "A Bekah" (Rebekah)Joseph with Evan. I think they are planning the next sleepover.Joseph & Noah with Iain & EmmilynnDon't believe their faces...I know that the Orbaughs had a good time.Neighbor friends Clay and Graham (with Hogan not knowing he is in the picture)We had a great night! It was so much fun. All the adults were good sports about it. This party reflects Joseph's love to be with people....I guess I never took it so literal.POST PARTY CLEAN UP-CRAZY!


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

1st time by your blog. You have a beautiflu family!! We have 5 little ones, and I love reading about other big families out there!!

leah said...

I love these pictures. Great job Jen! I love that you let your house get a mess. How fun! Grace's birthday is in a few days, I think mess is in order for me to! :)

Detroit said...

Oh my goodness Friend, I can't stop laughing. I love that he invited more people to the party and how well it went and especially the last picture for clean-up! So Great.