Friday, May 22, 2009

Because I Can

I am taking this post to brag on my husband again. One of Jason's main goals during this time of unemployment was to regain his focus on priorities. He would put them in this order: 1) God, 2)Family, 3)Ministry & Serving Others, 4)Career. One of our neighbors has stuggled with some health concerns with his heart. When I told Jason that he was struggling to mow his yard, Jason was all over it. I love these pictures. He jumped on it that very day (Yes, it is raining).


Kelli said...

What a service. You keep bragging...being your husband's cheerleader is the best, and they love it.

jillybean said...

you've got yourself a good man! and he's got himself a good woman! :) those are fun pictures of my brother and it makes me really proud of him!