Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waiting with Expectancy

From my recent delay in posting, I am sure that you can tell I have lost my computer to a husband trying to provide a living. Here is just something simple that I wanted to share today. If you have ever visited a dollar store with a kid, you have had these little sponge growing tablets before. You put them in water and then they disolve into an animal, car or something. The kids love them.

Lynnea got some of these this weekend. I laughed as my kids surrounded the table watching the glass to see what it would become. Even Isaac was laying prostate across the table so no one would take away his view of the glass. When I looked over these pictures, I was comforted to know that my Heavenly Father watches that close over us, His children. He knows what we will already become. I am so thankful that no one can get in His way of watching me. I need to know that in these days of uncertainty.

By the way, the finished product was a rooster.

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